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This sage green and lilac combination is a vision to behold. It is meticulously crafted using resham, nakshi,dabka, gota and cora. This subtle yet regal ensemble channels grace and elegance

Rs 220,000


This traditional powder pink shalwar kameez is intricately handcrafted using nakshi, dabka, resham, gota, tilla, and appliqués along with everlasting fabric manipulation techniques.

Rs 220,000


This beautiful sky-blue ensemble is delicately handcrafted using nakshi, dabki, mukesh, gota and crystals. It’s perfect for someone who wants to reflect the old-world charm wearing a timeless silhouette with classic handwork.

Rs 235,000


An exquisite color combination with a timeless silhouette. This lehnga saree is carefully curated using gota, nakshi, mukesh, pearls, stones and cora dabka. It is perfect for someone who wants to invest in an heirloom piece.

Rs 275,000


A blissful and festive lime-coloured pishwaas handcrafted with gota, resham, nakshi, mukesh, dabka, and pearls. This pishwaas is perfect for a fun-filled mehndi or mayoun event.

Rs 450,000


Long and flowy silhouette and vibrant hues. This turquoise pishwaas is delicately handmade with gota, resham, dabka and mukesh. This unique combination truly speaks for itself and makes you stand out!

Rs 320,000


This stunning heirloom piece is handcrafted with love for generations to come. A beautiful hot pink shade along with a classic red dupatta. This ensemble is intricately embellished using resham, gota, tilla, dabka and nakshi. What event would you choose it for, Mehndi or Barat.

Rs 325,000


The name says it all! This exquisite bridal ensemble is curated to perfection using nakshi, tilla, cora and gota. It is paired with a dull gold dupatta to complete the regal look!

Rs 375,000


This outfit celebrates the rich cultural heritage in a timeless silhouette. This beautiful blend of gold gharara and shirt with a pink dupatta is curated using nakshi, dabka, cutdana, sequence, pearls and crystals. It gives a classy and traditional look and is a great pick for a Nikkah bride!

Rs 315,000


A traditional lenga choli bridal ensemble. This stunning ensemble has been heavily worked on with nakshi, tilla and resham. It oozes exceptional bridal charm and radiance.

Rs 205,000


This flattering and flowy front opening pishwaas, complimented with a stunning voluminous lenga and a copper gold dupatta is handcrafted to perfection using nakshi, dabka, cora, tilla and resham. This dazzling outfit is perfect for a bride who wants to look regal on her big day.

Rs 625,000


This white long shirt and farshi paired with a classic red dupatta exudes grace and class. This stunning ensemble is adorned with nakshi, tilla, dabka and resham.

Rs 325,000

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