About Us

About the Brand


The craftsmanship and techniques used in the creation of each outfit are inspired from our traditions and heritage, hence the name SOUCHAJ, derived from two Punjabi words “soucha”-meaning pure and “chajj”-meaning perfection and the love for finesse.

The philosophy behind Souchaj is not only to create pure and perfect couture, but to break the dominating euro-centricity in the modern epochs and to promote the original Eastern outfits, particularly the Pakistani style of dressing. Our ideas are accompanied by the traditional tekhné and craftsmanship, or Chaj, if to put it in Souchaj’s way. There is a lot more to come from Souchaj owing to our inspiration from a vast and beautiful culture that has developed over centuries.

The brand evolves around the meaning of its name, from the local roots & culture to the legacy of our land; SOUCHAJ is all about originality, purity & heritage, to which it aspires people to be associated. SOUCHAJ was founded on the basis of the prime objective which is to promote the Pakistani culture and traditions through fashion, with classic handwork, timeless silhouettes, luxe fibres & exotic colours; the regal craftsmanship to the royal artisanship; all the luxurious knots, stitches & attention to detail in between; SOUCHAJ is the heirloom passed down generation to generation.

Our focus is on couture, luxury & bridal aspects of fashion & our aim is to create an impact in the market with a unique but traditional style and signature artistry with emphasis on quality and consistency to serve our customers with the best of services and abilities.